Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 9, Project 365

The ford. Where the water spills over the cement, the tiny waterfall pounds your back like spray jets in a jacuzzi. Looking down river.

Thursday, the day of The Dreaded Annual Evaluation. As you can tell, we're a serious bunch who approached it with solemnity and fasting.

Went into Cordoba with our area director and his wife on Saturday afternoon. Playing with the camera I found a button I thought was for taking photos of buildings. It is, but specifically in black and white. I like the effect although it's a little Herman Munster-ish.

The guys on the bottom look like they're carrying the weight of the church on their back. Rather uncomfortable.

Freaky sculpture. From a distance it looks like her middle is simply underwater but it's actually two pieces.

Love all the metal work in Argentina. Not sure if this is primarily for security (it's over a window) or just decorative. Best guess, it's both.

After wandering around for a while, we finally arrived at our destination: Palacio Ferreyra, "museo superior de bellas artes". Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photos inside. At one time this was the private residence of a leading Cordobese family.

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