Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 6, Project 365

I may have mentioned my love of laundry a time or seven. I get such pleasure seeing clean towels (or clothes or sheets) marching neatly down my line ☺ Street performers abound during the summer months. These ladies from the Andes wearing typical clothes from home and playing their wooden flutes draw quite a crowd. Their music is hauntingly lovely. This was as close as I could get, so I tried to fade out all the tourists along the edges. As you all know, I'm VERY careful to drink only bottled water now ☺ I'm guessing the blood work will show that we didn't entirely eradicate the parasites in December and they've returned with a vengeance. But it's not because I've been lax about the water! Here's a bottle I had this week. Notice how the design on the label is repeated in the lower half of the bottle. I just thought that was a great design and marketing fairly screams "Fresh mountain water from the Andes!" A common sight at most Argentine gatherings is an asado (Argentine bar-b-que) but this was bigger than usual to accomodate the crowds attending the Encuentro Anual de Colectivdades (International Food & Music Festival) this week. Without a flash, the photos hubby took that night didn't turn out very well but I played with this one until I thought it was half-way presentable. I thought the sepia effect went well with the old fashioned outfits these folk dancers are wearing. We've harvested our first tomatoes! With these I made fresh salsa which we dipped up with tortilla chips (found some at Walmart!) and along with supper last night we each enjoyed a bowl of teeny tiny cherry tomatoes lightly salted. Little bursts of fresh garden goodness!

I'm one of many participating in Project 365 and you can check out the others by visiting host Sara from ...Making music from your heart to the Lord.

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