Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 7, Project 365

The camera is here!! Alas I haven't had my paws on it except to download all the pictures that hubby took this week. LOL Next week it's MINE! But for your viewing pleasure I present the photolistic stylings of my dear hubby (is photolistic even a word?). Oh, and you can click on any of the photos to enlarge. Fresh tomatoes every day. Yum! We have a tall wall all around our yard, but if you look up, up, up and over you see this. Look carefully behind the palm tree in the center of the photo and you can see the double "M" on the mountain. There's some kind of carnival ride there called "Magic Mountain". And I hear it's a fun place to hike -- not that I've ever done it, but some crazy
people find that sort of thing enjoyable. Being empanada aficionados, we can tell you these are the BEST empenadas in town! Just that right combination of sweet and savory with a perfect crust that's light, not heavy. Meat pie heaven! Pablo and his family own this ferreteria where hubby spends a lot of time (and money) finding things we need for the house. He's our very own "helpful hardware man"! It's traditional to clap while singing the Spanish version of "Happy Birthday". We had a fun time, and a great meal, with new friends Sonya and Jaime when we celebrated Jaime's birthday this week. Jaime's actually from Peru where birthday fiestas last for five days, so he's been getting calls from all over the world this week from far-flung cousins who continue the tradition with celebratory calls -- at all hours of the day and night, depending on where they're currently living! The yacht club hosted a regatta Saturday and since we live a block from the lake, hubby took a lawn chair and walked over to watch. Looks like he found a pretty good viewing spot.

And now head on over to Sara's to see who else has linked up to participate in Project 365 this week. It's muy interesante to see a photographic record -- a true "snapshot" if you will -- of a Week In The Life Of...

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