Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 23, Project 365

Right up front, I apologize for my lack of interesting photos this week. A bad head cold kept me cooped up for five days with only minimal forays into the back yard to hang up laundry. Life within these walls has been a tad bit boring, but I'm so happy to say I'm on the mend -- I can BREATHE this morning through my nose. Mostly. Sort of. Okay, minimally, but it IS an improvement.

But boring or not, these photos pretty much represent my life this week. This has been my location for the past 134 hours...but who's counting? I have been very grateful for the two heaters we have in the house (remember, no central heat). This is the one in the kitchen, a ventless gas log heater. It fits perfectly in the little corner. I didn't take a photo of it, but the hubby installed a small fan on the wall higher up to blow the warm air into the living room. Otherwise it has a tendency to stay in the kitchen and rise up the vaulted ceiling. I made a great discovery at Walmart a while back and forgot to share my lovely find with you. We always used flavored creamers in our coffee in the U.S. and there's nothing like that here. I miss my Hazelnut flavoring! But was excited to find (on the rack of international foods, of course) this bottle of amaretto coffee flavoring. I've been enjoying it dessert in a cup. Yum! You know things are desperate when I start taking photos of potatoes! But isn't this an interesting shaped spud? Despite its odd shape, it made splendiferous oven fries! I never showed you the one shopping bag I finished during our weekend in Sta. Rosa. Well, here it is all packed with things for my art class. (LOL -- Just realized I managed to get my stacks of Fine Homebuilding in Project 365 without even trying! That's what's in the background.) Final measurements are 14" high, 12" across and 7" deep. You can fit a LOT into this bag! Yesterday I started working on another bag, same pattern, and have the outside sewn but not the lining yet. I used leftover fabric bits of various lengths and widths to create a scrappy look to the front and back, and some funky paisley (that coordinates well with the colors) for the sides and bottom. I'm going to line it with the same dark green flannel as the handles. These go together quite fast and will make great shopping (or craft) bags.

FINALLY managed to load the 2-1/2 minute video of the school kids folk dancing. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment ☺

Hopefully this week will be back to normal and I'll have more opportunities to take interesting shots ☺ Meanwhile you can enjoy lots of great photos from the others participating in Project 365. Hop on over to Sara's and check them out!

Thanks for indulging me my "mama bragging rights" yesterday. I don't fall into the "mommy blogger" category but I am a mom! I wish there had been blogging when they were little because it would have been great to record all those cute things they used to say and do. Like how our son always called helicopters "holly hoppers". Or when our daughter was two and, after falling asleep while running errands, informed us quite seriously that she had "used up" all her sleep in the car and therefore could not take a nap.

At 27 and 22, I'm not sure they say cute things any more but even if they do, we're not around to hear them. Sometimes I miss my kids a whole, big bunch and it helps to talk about 'em.

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