Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 11, Project 365

My hubby has kept the camera firmly strapped to his body all week. So once again I'm flagrantly forgetting the rules and posting only his photos.

Since I never saw the camera except when he was taking a shot of me.

Most of the photos are from his climb to the top of one of the nearby mountains. He went with three young folks, all in their 20s. And then he came home, ate breakfast and took a two hour nap. But at least he made it to the top! I would have probably gotten 100 yards up and wanted to stop. I seriously don't think I could have made it this far, just a bit above where the houses end. It wasn't easy but he kept plugging along...
...until they arrived at the top! They started walking at sunrise so he took lots of photos and then stitched them together to create this panoramic shot. As well as this one, once the sun was good and truly up. So what do you think of our fair city? Pretty gorgeous place we live!

When the hubby came to pick me up from art class I was ready to leave but he had me sit back down and act like I was still drawing while he took a photo of me and my art teacher. Another Marcela!

And last, but not least, one of those weird freakish things of nature. When we were making the pizza yesterday and cut into the red pepper, we found out it was pregnant! It had a tiny baby pepper inside.

As always you can see what everyone else has been doing this week by hopping over to Sara's where she has Mr. Linky working hard to connect all of us participating in Project 365!

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