Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 4, Project 365

It was 99° yesterday and felt like it was over 100°. Especially in our house because we had the power off for most of five hours while installing the ceiling fan/light fixture in the kitchen. As a former facilities maintenance manager AND one who has his residential builder's license in Michigan, the hubby gets agitated and frustrated when he has to contend with poor workmanship and things just done the wrong way. And so it was yesterday. Whoever wired this house was either color-blind or extremely lazy.

Anyway... On to pictures from the week. I didn't remember to take a photo every single day, but I did most days. So I'm fudging a bit and including seven photos even though they only cover 5 days. You'll forgive me, won't you? This is the 'empty' lot next door that's not so empty. A man who is a building contrator has been using the space to store tear-outs and other materials. Now that the actual owner of the lot has moved back from Italy and wants to build a house there, these things have to go. Yay! The bed installed! This happened Monday afternoon. For the first time since the end of April we have a bed at regular height. We decided we like it ☺ Wednesday was my day "off" and I spent a portion of it sewing. I'm working on pillow shams for my bed and I found the exact shades of brown, cream, taupe and light aqua in my fabric stash. The quilt was a clearance item picked up for way less than I would have paid just for the fabric, but they didn't have any of the accessories left. I dyed an old bedskirt brown to go with the "ensemble". Sounds so Martha Stewart-ish, doesn't it? I know I shared a similar photo last week, but this one is DIFFERENT! It has five blossoms instead of three LOL I can't help myself, I'm totally loving the roses! Between my cell phone camera and poor photography skills, this isn't the greatest shot, but I really wanted to share the corner of my yard right by my front door. I think you can probably make out the red and yellow rosebushes (2 of the 13 in our yard) and oleander bush (tree?). What you can't see are my geraniums, hydrangeas, agapanthus, and a few spider plants but they're there, just out of the photo frame. Good thing I'm not a big fan of bottled salad dressing. Not readily available although Wal-mart has started carrying a few. Notice the price on the shelf below? Well, that's in pesos of course. But still. Basically over $8 per bottle. And you know those Salad Mists are tiny bottles. Guess what I didn't buy? But I was happy to find real marshmallows and even Frosted Flakes! We never ate a lot of Frosted Flakes at our house for breakfast; it was more of a late night snack food ☺ But we've discovered it's also good in the morning..."breakfast of champions" and all that. Oh wait, that was Wheaties. Whatev. It was just a nice little taste of home.

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