Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 10, Project 365

Wow! We're 1/5 of the way through Project 365 already. Last Sunday I only had time to look at a few of the participants' weekly photos and it will probably be tomorrow before I have time to do it this week. I can hardly wait to catch up!

Our co-worker's youngest and her friend, all smiles on Sunday night.
All the Biblical Ministries Worldwide missionaries from Uruguay and Argentina enjoyed a week together, letting others do the cooking and cleaning during our annual missionary field conference in Bialet Masse, about 15 minutes from Carlos Paz. The Colonial Serrano Hotel was built almost 100 years ago. Looking one way you see the wing with most of the rooms and then looking straight ahead you see the bowed-out verandas (we had tea on the second floor veranda).

Look closer and you'll see these marvelous (and humongous) front doors. Rustic and quaint, accommodations were simple but the service was amazing. We had the whole hotel to ourselves (40 of us) and the hotel staff bent over backwards to make us comfortable.

Here's some of the food I didn't eat. Couldn't eat. Very sad that I was unable to enjoy some truly amazing food, artfully presented at every meal. This was the appetizer one night. Ham, cheese and hardboiled eggs rolled into a pinwheel sandwich with a dollop of mayo, an olive, and some shredded cabbage on the side. Colorful and, according to those who were able to eat it, quite tasty.
What made me even sadder was not eating dessert. I luuuuurve me some dessert and they had excellent desserts. Here my good buddies rubbed it in by all digging into the flan with dulce de leche. *sigh* I picked a particularly terrible week in which to be sick.
The girls enjoying one of their craft projects: decorative painting. The ladies also tried their hand at it, with more or less successful results. We spent the first hour practicing on paper before ever trying to paint our trays or magazine racks. Mine is still pristine and waiting for me to feel confident enough to go beyond just practicing.
I shared several photos yesterday from the ladies tea. Here's one more. Ruth has been a missionary the longest in our group. She and her hubby have been married 52 years and in ministry for all of them. She has a sweet spirit and cheerful heart and I want to grow up and be like her ☺
As we were loading up and waiting for everyone to bring their things down on Saturday morning, I noticed a plant on the back porch of the hotel. I'd never seen anything like it so of course whipped out my camera. A lady came out of the kitchen and offered us clippings! The Uruguayan ladies are not allowed to take things like that over the border, but I gladly accepted her offer. My clipping has two buds, so I'm hoping it survives, thrives and blooms!
During our Skit & Song program, we played something called The Creation Game. Some folks were selected to leave the room and quickly review the creation story. Then they were brought back in in pairs and timed to see how long it would take them to name 8 items and the day they were created. The items were laid out on a table and covered, so they had to lift the individual covers one-by-one. Wrong answers added seconds to their time. Here's a little video clip I thought you'd enjoy (it's only a minute, so be patient and watch at least until about second 30 when some action happens ☺).

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