Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 40, Project 365

I love round numbers. Forty is a round number. We are on week 40 of Project 365. Yeah for us!

I was not very good about taking photos this week. Started out strong and then totally wimped out. Fortunately Ivan took some good shots that I can share with you. I missed a lot of photos opportunities because I didn't have the camera. I have now swiped it from The Man Who Always Hogs The Camera and hope to do better in the coming weeks at getting some interesting pictures. I made a list tonight of places and things I want to shoot.

Note: Ivan doesn't hog it on purpose; he's just gotten into the habit of putting the camera case on his belt every morning. He gladly let me have it when I asked :-)

The other day we were looking for a house a friend is building. Ivan had been there once but someone else was driving. We had street names and a map but the map wasn't lining up with the reality of the streets. At one point we found ourselves up pretty high with quite a view so we stopped to take some photos.

Andrea, our friend from Michigan, is as much of a camera freak as I am. We can usually be found simultaneously pulling out our cameras whenever a photo op presents itself. This time I decided to take a picture of her taking a picture :-) 

One evening this week we headed downtown for a little window shopping. Ivan, having no desire to join the girls in their window viewage, wandered around and snapped this photo of the Catholic church in the center of town. 

Another day he took photos of a cute bird. Anyone know what kind of bird -- other than the obvious yellow-breasted part?

As we set off on a walk one morning, I took this picture of the front of our neighbor's place. This house sits directly opposite us. I just LOVE the arbor of climbing roses! So lush, just full of tiny blossoms. There are actually several bushes, mostly white but some yellow roses -- the yellow ones are down toward the end.

Yesterday I mentioned a restaurant on the lake where we hope to one day enjoy breakfast on the deck. Just thought you'd like to see what I was talking about.

The week started out cold after a storm blew in last weekend and it dropped from the 70s into the 40s overnight. But it gradually got warmer and this Saturday was downright hot. Had a nice turnout for soccer and the boys put away all the store-bought cookies we provided for merienda. Attempt #5 with the No Bakes was such a disaster that they were inedible and even hungry teenage boys would not have eaten them. COLOSSAL FAIL! It's becoming such a joke. Why can't I make decent No Bakes?!

Oh well. There are worse things in life.

Have a great week!

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