Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 22, Project 365

Technically it's Sunday, but barely (it's 1:30 a.m.). Since I'm having a hard time sleeping I thought I'd get a jump start on this week's Project 365 post. You'll notice I switched out my banner photo. It's fall here and it just seemed a good idea to use one of my colorful nature shots; this was taken by the river about a block from the house in Sta. Rosa.

Which is where we were last weekend and after the evening service at church we went to nearby Belgrano for dinner. As we walked back to our car at 11 p.m. the kiddie park was still lit up with wide awake munchkins running all over. This isn't the best photo (haven't quite figured out how to use the night time options), but this is one of those cultural differences I thought you'd be interested up and about at this time of night is very common here. In the summer when there's no school they typically stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. They also sleep in until noon the next day ☺ The hubby ran into an old friend who was having a get-together with other old friends and he invited us to stop by. This bunch of guys were from different places in Argentina, but would see each other every summer at youth camp. Can I just say crazy bunch?! It was fun meeting them and seeing them raz my hubby. Late at night the youth would gather around a big outcropping of rocks, drink máte and someone would play a guitar and they'd all sing. Very innocent and good clean fun, but the hubby wasn't allowed to be out that late. He was supposed to be in bed by a certain time. Once his mom caught him trying to sneak out and said, "Ivan, dónde crees que vas?"(which translates, "Ivan, where do you think you're going?!" She said it loudly enough that the others, waiting outside for him, heard and 35 years later every time we see someone from those long ago youth camp days we hear: "Ivan, dónde crees que vas?" followed by hysterical laughter ☺ This sign caught our attention, especially mine once the hubby explained that it's what they call a garage sale here. Garage sales are gaining in popularity but are still pretty rare. Someone was selling tools and furniture that had belonged to their abuelo. We did pick up a few things, most notably some antique woodworking tools that the hubby is carefully cleaning and polishing up, and a nice mirror with an oak frame that we put in the bedroom. Kicking ourselves for not getting a wooden storage trunk, brought to Argentina by this guy's great grandfather when he immigrated from Spain. The trunk held all their clothes. It was a beautiful piece but we didn't jump right on it and somebody beat us to the punch. Oh well. I know I posted this on Tuesday which was our 30th anniversary, but here it is again ☺ I'm just getting a kick out of seeing how young we were. LOL When I saw this incredible spiral of chocolate I immediately whipped out the camera. Now THIS is a photo op! But if you're worried about my diet, just take a gander at this little beauty. The peas are already 4" high! It just amazes me that we planted seeds two weeks ago and already everything is growing. Hopefully we'll harvest lots of peas (and other vegetables) in a couple months.
I mentioned receiving the bread book last weekend and today we finally got around to making our first batch. The process was SO EASY that I kept thinking there had to be a catch somewhere along the line. But you know what? It really is as simple and straight forward as the book says! Here's the dough when it's first mixed up. Takes like 5 minutes, hence the name of the book. What it looked like after rising for just over 2 hours on the counter. After this we put it in the fridge for 3 hours before taking it out and pulling off a hunk to make our first loaf. And finally here's the finished loaf which we've obviously already cut into. How could we resist?! I'm just beyond excited...I MADE GREAT BREAD TODAY! This is an historic moment, people. Let us pause in contemplation of the enormity of this miracle. Okay, now you may proceed. And shout a little gleeful whopdodewoop! with me. We had homemade potato soup with the bread for supper. Muy delicioso!

Now I suggest you follow me and let's go check out the others who are doing Project 365. Sara will be all ready for us with the nice Mr. Linky in place.

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