Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 18, Project 365

One-third of the year in photos so far! Project 365 has been a blast (boy, does that phrase date me) and I figure if we've gotten this far, we're in it for the long haul. Changing gears a bit, host Sara has had an OVER haul on her blog and she's looking mighty spiffy so be sure and stop by to see her new look -- and then check out all the other Project 365ers who have linked up!

You may or may not be pleased to know I do not have a single food photo this week! Or house photos. But in an effort to mix it up and have more variety, I'm leaning heavily on photos the hubby took. Like this first one...He gets together pretty regularly with our co-worker (on the left) and a couple of other guys to practice their archery skills. The courtly gray-haired gentleman works in the same clinic as our co-worker. He's a biochemist and handles all the lab work; he also heads up the association of biochemists in this province. I've had a lot of lab work done over the years, and this man has the most gentle touch ever -- you barely know he's drawing blood. So he's one of my favorite people since my pain tolerance on a scale of 1-10 is 1/2.

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing where we do most of our grocery shopping. Y'all have Krogers, Winn-Dixie, Publix and Walmart Supercenters. I have a Disco! This is a popular grocery chain in Argentina; there are four Discos just in our city.

This next shot is mostly for family who know the two gentlemen with my hubby. Eduardo and Juan are retired pastors who continue to stay busy with writing, translating and teaching the next generation of pastors. Eduardo even teaches a group in the U.S. over Skype! Juan, who is also an artist, travels and spends a lot of time one-on-one with pastors right where they're ministering. These men are pretty special and the hubby was thrilled to spend a little time with them this week, when Eduardo (who lives in Buenos Aires) came to visit Juan in Cordoba.

May Day is a big deal here and I've already mentioned we were taking some young people to the Palabra de Vida facility in Santa Rosa for a day of fun and games. On the way we went through a small town having a parade of gauchos on horseback. Here's a photo at Palabra de Vida. There were many more kids but they had various games going simultaneously around campus. As we headed home we were greeted by this glorious sunset!

On our walk Saturday I noticed some trees starting to turn yellow here in town (we saw a lot of trees changing color on our trip to Sta. Rosa) and I loved how the sun was shining at just the right angle on this tree, to make the leaves seem almost transparent.
I've mentioned a time or thirteen about the quilt I'm making for a friend's baby. I finally finished the applique on a small panel and then put it together with the other fabrics to create the back. So now I'm ready to join the layers and start quilting! When it's finally finished, it will be given to this little cutie... Isn't she precious?!

So there you have it. No food, no houses, no flowers (the tree doesn't count, does it?). In my effort to avoid those subjects I may be reduced to taking pictures of Fine Homebuilding magazines stacked on a table in the living room. Anyone have some ideas? Is there anything you'd like me to try and photograph here? I'm open to suggestions!

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