Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 43, Project 365

When you mistype the first word, you know you're still half asleep. Excuse me while I drink a cup of coffee or three.

Actually I have gotten into the very Argentine habit of having máte in the morning rather than coffee. Trying to cut down on the caffeine and all. But our bombilla (the metal straw you use to drink máte) has been giving me mouthfuls of tea leaves lately and this morning I decided I wanted a leaf-free beverage so I've made myself a delicious cup of French-pressed coffee. When you only have something on rare occasions, it's a special treat. Yum!

Ivan used the camera more than I did this week so half the pictures are courtesy of his fine photography skills, including this first one. Monday while he was in Cordoba he took this photo at the Capuchin Church.

Another day he took this one of a cool looking bird with really long tail feathers. Not the greatest shot because it was pretty far away but an interesting bird. Any idea what it is?

These flowers actually grow wild here but this particular specimen is in someone's yard near our house. Unusual, isn't it? It's called lagaña de perro.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the speed bumps that are EVERYWHERE. Well, maybe not everywhere. Sometimes instead of speed bumps they have SPEED DIPS! I am so not even kidding. Here's the street sign they place RIGHT NEXT TO the dips; usually no warning ahead of time, just BAM here's a dip.

Some dips aren't too bad, others will take out your car if you hit 'em going too fast.

Okay, normally you can see pretty long distances from most elevations around the city. Like this...

But the weird dust cloud that blew over on Friday obliterated everything from sight.

The high winds that day blew the cloud in and out in a matter of about an hour. Freaky kind of experience!

I have several photos from Saturday. One of mine and two from Ivan. Mine first. Here's my work-in-progress Christmas quilt. Still lots to be done on the bird and border but I'm pleased with how it's turning out so far.

Ivan attended the annual Séptimo Encuentro de Constructores de Aeronaves Experimentales in Alta Gracia. This group is similar to the EAA in the U.S. (Experimental Aircraft Association). He'd planned on going with his local aviation buddy but that's the one who had a close encounter with a plane propeller and is still laid up, recovering from those injuries (he remains in a lot of pain and has trouble sleeping at night). Anyway, Ivan ended up going on his own and had a great time and met some interesting people. Including this man, who wrote a book about the various woods used in airplane construction.

Don't you just love his face? It's full of character! I hope my laugh lines look half as good on me as his do on him when I'm his age :-)

Unlike the big annual EAA event in Oshkosh that turns their tiny airport into the busiest in the world for a week, only one plane actually flew in for the weekend event in Alta Gracia. And this is it. Being the only one, it drew a lot of attention from attenders!

That's all for this week. I look forward to seeing what the other Project 365 participants have been up to this week -- join me over at Sara's to check them out.

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