Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 16, Project 365

I'm starting to realize I take a lot of similar photos...on our walks, food, pretty flowers. So I tried to mix it up a little this week but you know what? I'm fascinated with things I see on our walks and with food ☺ Flowers, too, but I didn't take any of those this week. But thinking about it has made me TRY to stretch myself and look for things out of the ordinary (at least for me). We'll see how it goes in coming weeks.

As always, you can check out the photography of other 365 participants by just hopping over to Sara's place who graciously hosts us even when she's had a rough week with the flu. Hope you start feeling better soon Sara!

There's a place near us called La Cocina (The Kitchen) that cooks primarily for take out. They do have a couple small tables but their focus is not on serving customers on site. For working women especially, La Cocina provides great food at a reasonable price. One of my Spanish assignments was to interview someone who worked there and find out if there is something typically served at Easter. Paella was on the menu the day I stopped by, which was Good Friday, a.k.a. a meat-free day on the calendar for Catholics so La Cocina offered a traditional seafood dish. Forget plain old fish, look at all that other stuff! My dear hubby tackled the dining room this week. He spent all day Monday stripping the floor of old wax build-up. What a job! This is a house we often pass on our walks and I just love it! How the fence mirrors the rounded room on the corner of the house. We were driving through farm country and had to stop to pay toll so I quickly snapped a picture of the almost-ready-to-harvest sorghum. This window display caught my eye. I just thought it was too cute! Yes, another house from a walk. I loved how the ivy was climbing all over this place and the bougainvillea just under the balcony...can you imagine having coffee on that balcony in the morning? This just looks like a happy house! We traveled to San Francisco on Saturday. San Francisco in Cordoba Province ☺ We passed quite a few large estancias on the way to this city on the plains. It's about three hours due east of where we live and it's amazing how completely flat it is such a short distance away. Here's hubby at one of the plazas in town with the flag flying in the background. Not a whole lot happening here, but we enjoyed the calmer ambience -- even the traffic is more well-behaved.

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