Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 33, Project 365

I like the symmetry of Week 33. I'm weird like that.

Project 365 keeps rolling along, and I don't know if I'm alone in this feeling, but it seems to me like TOO MANY OF MY PHOTOS ARE THE SAME. Mainly because I don't think to take photos except on our walks... once in a blue moon when we're actually doing something, and very seldom when we're together with people. I'm too busy concentrating on Spanish to have time to think about taking pictures. *sigh*

Last Sunday night as we were waiting outside Centro Esperanza and talking, I thought it would be fun to take a few shots of the traffic along the costanera. On weekends it is a very busy street! During the week there are almost no cars on this road, but that all changes when Friday rolls around. Then they come out in droves. One of Ivan's projects this week was building a small podium to use at Centro Esperanza. I asked him to take a few photos before he took it over so I could share one with you. As always he did a fine job. We like wood! All kinds of wood. I'm very thankful for a husband who has the know how (and the tools) to build some of the furniture we need. He found a place this week that sells a variety of very interesting wood, much of it from the northeast part of the country (Misiones). He took a picture of some samples lining one wall. Isn't that stuff gorgeous?! On windy days (and we've had a few this week) activity on the lake picks up. Sailboats, sailboards, kayaks... Here's one guy getting his sail up... ...UP... ...and UP! I cannot believe how things are starting to green up already. Flowers are popping up on bushes... ...and in trees... What cracks me up is that this is sort of like the equivalent of February in the U.S. We sure didn't have flowers like this in Michigan in February!

Ivan decided to hire professionals to trim and spray the peach tree this year. We've never had one and weren't sure exactly how to go about doing it ourselves. Especially since it's not really our tree, and the landlady might not appreciate our amateur efforts if they were to cause harm to the tree. Anyway, here are the two guys who showed up to do it. Again, didn't think to take a photo while they were doing it...only after they were done. Just thinking about nice big luscious juicy fresh-from-the-tree peaches in January makes my my water. And this year they should not be so bug infested.

The men put up the new signs at Centro Esperanza yesterday. This young man was here for three weeks on a short-term missions trip; he knew our co-workers from their days in Chicago. He worked hard, right up until it was time to go catch his plane after this final task. We're trying to talk him into coming back -- we'd love to have some young'uns on the team! Centro Esperanza can be seen from the costanera, so we not only put a sign out front but also on the side of the building. All the traffic you saw in the first photo will see this whenever they drive by now. So anyone have ideas for getting out of my photo rut? Maybe it would help to see what others are taking pictures of...let's go check out everyone who linked up to Sara's!

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