Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 20, Project 365

I really meant to take more pictures of people this week. But when you're in the middle of doing, it's hard to remember. I hauled my camera to art class and back without ever taking it out of its case. *sigh* Hopefully this coming week I'll actually take some photos during class.

Last week I mentioned going to the street fair in Cordoba but forgot to show why. When we visited the big XXVII Feria International de Artesanians back in April we ordered a little sign for the front of our house. The artesan sets up at the street fair in Cordoba every weekend so when the sign was finished, we needed to stop by and pick it up. We'll use it while we live here and then take it with us when we go as a piece of memorabilia ☺ Our trip to the zoo garnered several share-worthy photos. I don't know if you can tell, but there's another bird on the other side of the cage. These two would chatter at each other and then suddenly peck at one another. Muy divertido! I've never been this up-close and personal with an anteater before. They're actually very bizarre looking animals. At first I couldn't tell which end was the head and which was the tail. There are no limits to the lengths I'll go to embarrass myself on the world wide web and here's proof. But honestly we were simply carrying on a family tradition. The hubby remembers standing in front of this same mirror with two of his brothers while his parents took a photo on a trip to this zoo many, many years ago. So let's think of it less as an embarrassing photo and more as a historical reenactment, shall we? Mid-May here is equivalent to mid-November in the U.S. Can you believe I still have flowers blooming in my yard?! The moussaka recipe I posted yesterday results in yummy goodness like this...layers of vegetable, meat and cheese in perfect harmony. The hubby worked hard this week to prepare a garden area at the back of our yard and then we we planted some winter vegetables. I can hardly wait to harvest fresh peas, radishes, green onions, cabbage and lettuce. All seeds were free, provided by the municipality to those who attended the talk on organic gardening recently. I bought my first book in Spanish; I found this novel by Fannie Flagg on sale at Walmart for $3.75 US. I'm thinking it will take a LONG time to read this at the rate I go! This week we took more time to explore the section of town where all the antique stores are located. Besides the bigger stores along the main road, there were all these little rabbit warrens of shops tucked back off the street. There would be a door or maybe a little larger opening like this, and we'd walk back to find a bunch of wee tiny stores selling everything from clothing to handcrafted items to antiques. Frequently there'd also be a little cafe. How fun is that?! Now go visit the others who are involved in Project 365 -- lots of fun photos this week!

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