Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 28, Project 365

It's taken the better part of the day to get photos and videos uploaded (downloaded?) to the blog for Project 365. Whew! I had three videos, but after it took HOURS to just get the two shorter ones posted, I'm throwing in the towel.

Anyway, lots of photos to share so let's not waste any more time...

When we arrived at the house in Sta. Rosa on Monday, our friends had prepared a wonderful lunch. I had a fun week sewing. First up: piecing the top of another baby quilt. The envelopes were pretty "busy" with all the bright colors and patterns so I used tone-on-tone fabrics in the sashing and borders. Here's a close-up so you can see the fabric envelopes. As the baby becomes a toddler, they can use the pockets to play games like Memory by tucking cards into each envelope. Possibilities are endless! Sink and vanity installed, baseboard too. Lookin' good! A trip to the saw mill netted a nice load of free fire wood. Kept Ivan busy chopping and... ...stacking. Should last a while! Thursday we went to Tio Rico's with friends. The food is sold by the kilo and they keep a running tab at the desk. Ivan kept forgetting to get his plate weighed and then getting called back up for that. I guess he was having too much fun visiting with our friends :-) This tree must have been struck by lightening. I can imagine kids using this as a club house although it looks like it could fall over any time so I don't think it would be a very safe place to play. Yesterday I told the story of how we used a fallen parrot's nest... ...made with lots of thorny branches and twigs... ... to block an area along the back fence where the neighbor's sheep were getting in and munching on our baby citrus trees. Like most little towns, Belgrano has its share of cheese and salami shops. It would be easy to drop some serious money in a store like this one, with all the leather and silver goods. With the Chocolate Festival this last weekend, Belgrano was a happening place! The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm enough for folks to sit at outside cafes and sip coffee and eat chocolate tortas or pastries. So they'd have the energy to go spend their money on goodies to take home with them :-) I was sewing right up until it was time to clean and pack to come home. I finished the chair cushion covers just after lunch on Sunday. Impossible to tell but the fabric is a tiny green and cream checked print. I think it looks nice against the yellow walls and am happy with the results.
And I'll close with a couple videos for your viewing enjoyment. First up the Tyrolean dancers (Belgrano was founded by German immigrants and it's still predominantly German).

And here's some footage of the young Argentine folk dancers. Loved 'em! (Pay attention to the little guy -- he's SO serious! LOL)

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