Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 3, Project 365

Many who read my blog are from the U.S. where y'all are suffering through some bitterly cold weather right now. Even my southern pals are shivering in the single digits. So to remind you that winter doesn't last forever -- the U.S. is NOT Narnia before Aslan! -- I offer some photos from my yard... I was pretty excited when the hubby pointed out we have morning glories on our wall! I adore morning glories ☺ The roses just keep blooming. Since I found the box with bud vases last week I picked a few to enjoy inside. The pine tree isn't in our yard but at the house in Santa Rosa. This is going to be one ginormous pine cone! Hard to tell in the picture, but it's about 6 inches long. Okay, enough nature pictures. We were downtown this week and I had to make a pit stop. This was the sign on the door of the stall. "Please put the toilet paper in the waste basket. Thanks" There were trash cans on either side of the toilet.

I may have mentioned a time or four that I love doing laundry. Weird, I know. A big part of why I enjoy the chore is that my darling hubby built me the cutest and handiest little washing closet. It has a shelf above for all my laundry paraphernalia, a large hook beside the washer so I can keep hangers at the ready, and it's all safely ensconced in a cabinet on my patio that I can lock and keep secure when not in use. I tried taking a close-up of my washer which is another big reason I love doing laundry but I couldn't get a decent shot. Maybe next time.

And finally I leave you with a (not very good) photo of something that caused GREAT REJOICING AND LOUD HALLELUJAHS when the hubby brought it home. For those new to my blog, I have been searching FOR FIVE MONTHS for this. While Argentine food is amazing and I love it, I have been sadly, sadly disappointed in the cheese selection. Every cheese I've tried (except the hard ones like parmesan) are bland, bland, bland. Like most Americans I have an ongoing love affair with... After months of fruitless search when, yeah, we had even contemplated giving showed up in our grocery store!

Lest you get too excited, though, we're pretty sure it's a limited time offer. We've had this happen with other things we like a lot; one day they have it, the next they don't and when we ask, we are told it was just for that one time. So, the hubby is going to take the wrapping to our favorite little cheese store to see if he can't get it in on a regular basis. The cheese IS produced in Argentina so it shouldn't be that hard to get. We hope! 'Cause we are so lovin' the CHEDDAR!!!

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  1. I'm to the party on this post...I would buy up every one this store had. I hope you find more! JenT