Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 14, Project 365

Something so satisfying about writing Week 14 ☺ I just love checking off another number and I'm sure many of you feel the same way!

Last Sunday afternoon the hubby and I spent a little time "just a swangin'" in our hammock. I took some pictures of us, our feet and the view from the hammock. This is the only one that made the cut. Even though our feet were clean, the tan lines from our sandals make 'em look dirty. I figured there's only so much I can expose y'all to before you quit coming back!
We're back to walking most mornings so I have a few shots from our paseos. First up is about two blocks over; I loved how these two very different houses sit side-by-side, one with its modern sensibilities and the other with it's classic lines. Aren't those garage doors great?!
We like interesting architectural details, like this undulating fence. We're starting a "scrapbook" of things we really like, so that if we're ever able to build a place of our own we'll have lots of ideas to work with. This next photo is dedicated to some friends of ours, whose last name is Chopp (hey, Chris & Amy!) and who we knew would get a kick out of this "Chopperia" ☺ A step up from a bar, it's basically a place to drink beer. Thursday they buried a former president of Argentina and flags were flying at half mast. This flag sits in a plaza in front of a nearby grocery store. The plane is a French-made Mirage and dates from the Guerra de las Malvinas I mentioned in Thursday's post.
Friday's trip into Cordoba yielded only four photos (too busy doing other stuff). One I shared yesterday. The hubby took this one while sitting and drinking coffee as I perused this fine establishment with all things household related. Reminded me a bit of Pier 1 Import but it had more furniture. They have a lovely tall, blue vase I'm not yet at the point where I want to buy things like would be better to wait until I have a table to set it on ☺ Seven of my thirteen rose bushes are in bloom. I'm wondering if it's the last hurrah before winter. It was 55 when I woke up this morning! Brrrrr! I know some of y'all would love to have it that warm, but after 80s and 90s, 55 seems quite chilly. This photo shows the two bushes on either side of our front gate. I'm going to pick a couple of the buds to finish blooming inside so I can enjoy its beauty all day long and not just when I'm out in the yard. Just a final note...I'm sure most of you know that Sara's Aunt Mary Nelle passed away last Sunday. If you haven't had a chance to read Sara's Tribute, take time now. It's a beautiful testimony to the life of Mary Nelle Grusendorf...and Sara!

In the midst of all that's going on in her life, Sara has continued to graciously host Project 365. Thank you Sara!

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