Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 17, Project 365

Seventeen is such an odd number, but I like it because my son was born on the 17th of December ☺ Can you believe we've been doing Project 365 for SEVENTEEN WEEKS already?! I thought briefly about including 17 photos just for the fun of it, but decided that was a little excessive. I have posted ten because I'm including several from yesterday when we walked down to see what was happening at the World Championship Rally headquarters on the costanera.

My kids said it was really beautiful in Indiana this week so I'm expecting to see lots of Spring flowers and outdoor shots when I check out everyone else's Project 365 this week.

Last Sunday we were driving through a little town and saw this Museo Rural. It wasn't open but since it was enclosed in a simple fence, we stopped and took some pictures through the wires. They had all kinds of tractors and farm implements, plus brick making equipment. I haven't posted any flower photos in a while, and I don't have any this week either ☺ But I do have this shot of a palo borracho (literally translated "drunken wood or stick" because it gets a bulge in the middle of the trunk like a beer belly). But the bulge wasn't as interesting as the seriously painful-looking thorns that grow all over the trunk and limbs. Ouch! As my hubby puts it, "Sorta discourages climbing." The next photo is for my daughter. The hubby saw this in the parking lot at Walmart and had to take a photo. It's just like her car, except it's blue. Beautiful, isn't it?! He said it's in pristine condition. One day when the hubby came home from running errands, which included a stop at the grocery store, I happened to notice our stash of chocolate bars had grown substantially taller. Not sure if he thought we were going to run out or what, but I think we're set for a good long while! These aren't just any chocolate bars, they're our absolute favorite! It's not easy finding dark chocolate here, and most of what we have found is too sweet and too waxy -- not good quality at all. If I'm going to indulge in the high calorie count, I want to really enjoy it. Call me a chocolate snob, but it's gotta be pretty special to pass these lips and get onto these hips. This chocolate made with cocoa beans from Ecuador passes with high marks ☺ I've been trying for ages to get a shot of a wild parrot. They're everywhere, they're loud and obnoxious and major pests because they drop bits of thorny tree limbs everywhere in their quest to build huge nests. This week the hubby managed to get a few photos and I'm sharing the one where he zoomed in. They're bright green and usually blend right into the foliage. Finally, the Rally photos. Without a television we haven't watched any of the race and have no idea who's ahead, or even who's involved. From our walk around the headquarters yesterday we know there are teams from France, Italy, and Japan because we recognized their flags (each team has a flag displayed by their set-up) but the others eluded us. Our flag knowledge is sadly lacking I'm afraid. But here's one of the pretty cars! Y'all have heard me natter on about the YPF gas stations and how they serve excellent coffee plus many of the stations offer free wifi. We're not sure exactly what their connection to the Rally is...maybe they supply all the gas?...but they did have a "team" of lovely ladies on hand, in adorable matching outfits and umbrellas. I kept seeing people stop them to take their photo, or have a photo taken with them. Well, actually I only saw men having their photos taken with them. This truck had the coolest paint job ever! A map of North and South America wrapped around the cab. Not surprisingly, many folks make a day of hanging out so food vendors were doing a brisk business. We walked down shortly before lunch and the asado was going strong. Looks like they're ready to feed a crowd! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photos this week!

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